Ori Sakal immigrated to California in 1993, arriving with a young wife and skills that quickly helped place him in the high-end home design and construction field. Working and learning alongside top designers and master builders, he quickly discovered a love of fine home-building, what he calls, “A true addiction to creating something beautiful from nothing.”

He obtained his own contractor’s license and founded Noah Construction & Design in 1998, focusing on his passion for state-of-the-art kitchens and spa/luxury bathrooms. In 2010 he received a degree in Design and SEO from San Francisco State, and his continued success in the field of fine design combined with contracting and construction encouraged him to increase the kind of home and outdoor renovations he and his team handle.

Last year, Ori is expanded his company yet again, renaming it “Eco Design Pro” to reflect the diversity and even broader scope of the services he now offers, especially in the area of water efficient landscaping. Outdoor living spaces are vital in California, and eco-conscious, green home and garden improvement is more important than ever, particularly with the current water crisis in California. Ori Sakal is an ardent supporter of the state’s water conservation movements, and believes it is our responsibility to protect and serve the earth and all it’s resources, as well as preserve California’s precious water supply.

Now a father with three children, Alex, 21, Yoni, 18, and Noah, 11, Ori also believes in the importance of family, home and community. He loves music, and plays the guitar. He is also a certified life coach, because he finds the process of helping people achieve their dreams particularly rewarding.

In 2001, together with 3 of his closest friends, Ori founded Stand by Me, a community organization that focuses on people living with cancer. Through Stand by Me, Ori and a team of dedicated volunteers assist and help those struggling with the disease by arranging transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, helping them through chemotherapy and radiation, providing hot meals and childcare, and maintaining a fund for necessities for those in need. More importantly, Stand by Me is a local organization of people helping people by building – not just community – but by building family, and through family – hope.

Ori Sakal
Ori SakalFounder and CEO

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